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15 Tips To Preserve Phone Battery Life In Emergencies

We’re always looking for a smartphone that guarantees to provide the longest battery life. Owing to our phone addiction, we no longer can make it an entire day without our trusty smartphone by our side. So, it’s become a matter of utmost importance to own a phone that can do us justice, and stay with us for as long as possible without dying out too fast…and giving us anxiety attacks in the process.

To pick a phone that you think may offer a long battery life, entails more than just considering the battery capacity. You also need to take into consideration the size of the screen, as it drains the battery quite fast, and also whether it offers Power Saving Modes.

Another point to take into consideration, is the charge life of the phone, depending upon your usage and lifestyle. Some phones could take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours for a complete charge. Others can zip through the process, and give you a fully charged phone in less than an hour. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, and can’t afford to spend too much time waiting for your phone to revitalize itself, then you need to pick a phone that can get you back onto your routine, in no time at all.

Bear in mind though, when charging your phone, make sure that you use the charger that came with your phone, to do so. Using the wrong one could easily damage your phone. Also, when replacing your battery, ensure that you pick one that’s compatible with the charger you’re using.

Now, once you’ve purchased the ideal phone, how fast the battery drains out is completely on you. There are many factors that guzzle your phone’s battery life. By being aware of the same, you can preserve your phone’s battery life, and keep it running for a long duration of time. For Example:-

1. Usage

When you’re in dire need of your phones assistance, and the battery’s draining out fast, prioritize your tasks and use your phone lesser than usual. Don’t start playing your favorite game or listening to music, when you’re expecting an urgent call, or when on a road trip in an unknown country, and you need your GPS.

2. Brightness

Lower the brightness of your screen. The brighter it is, the faster it drains out your battery.

3. Wallpaper

If you’re using a phone with an AMOLED display, switch your wallpaper/theme to dark colored ones. As it only illuminates colored pixels, and not black ones, it’ll consume lesser energy. Also, stick to a static wallpaper, and not a dynamic one

4. Screen Timeout

Adjust your phone’s Timeout settings, to switch off at the earliest when not in use. This ensures that it doesn’t stay awake, when you don’t need it to be.

5. Apps

Some apps guzzle more battery life than others. Check your apps to pinpoint the same, and delete them if not needed. Also, always remove apps running in the background, when it’s not required.

6. Connectivity

Switch off Wi-Fi when not in use, as your phone constantly searches for signals when it’s on. Also, disable your 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS.

7. Vibrate

Vibrate consumes a lot of energy, hence it’s best to stick to Ringtones, rather than Vibrate mode.

8. Volume

Turn down your volume, or switch to headphones as it won’t consume as much power as inbuilt speakers.

9. Notifications

Turn off unrequired notifications.

10. Keep it Cool

OK, this doesn’t entail stuffing it in your refrigerator every now and then. All it means is to keep your phone as cool as possible, and avoid exposing it to hot conditions for too long. The hotter the phone gets, the more battery capacity it loses every year. In other words, a few years down the line, your phone will require constant charging to keep up with your activities.

11. Charging Methods

According to experts, you shouldn’t wait till the very last second to charge your phone. Best to plug it in when you have just 30%-40% of battery life left. They also suggest that you don’t charge it to a 100%, but rather to around 80%-85%, as this way it won’t reduce the durability of your phone in the long run.
Also, you shouldn’t keep your plugged in, even after it’s done charging as this causes quick degradation of your phone’s battery.

12. Airplane Mode

If you don’t want connectivity like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, have no plans of making any calls, or are not expecting any yourself, than it would be best to switch your phone to Airplane Mode.

13. Camera

Reduce Camera usage when you’re phone’s circling the drain. But if you really do have to use it, then switch off the Flash.

14. Switched Off

If you’re not expecting any calls, or there’s no reception wherever you are, then keep your phone switched off. It’ll save battery life.

15. Calls

Keep your calls short. Don’t bring up topics that can be discussed later, when your quickly running out of battery charge. Get to the point, and hang up ASAP.

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