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Only half a year in and Samsung has concocted some stellar devices to up the ante in its ultimate goal to dominate the smartphone industry. No doubt that Samsung mobiles are revered throughout the world due to their incredible level of design, features and performance. With top tier companies like Apple on the warpath, Samsung has held its own in some serious competition. However, as last year was Apple’s year with the iPhone changing the landscape and earning the tech conglomerate some hefty profits, this year certainly seems to be in Samsung’s pocket as it poises to make its mark.

Samsung Mobiles & Smartphones

Samsung mobile phones and smartphones are completely one of a kind and have captured their niche audience in the market. With versatility in their product release in terms of prices and compatibility, they are producing range after range of phenomenal devices that are constantly raking rewards for the customers and the company. Let’s check out the latest Samsung mobiles that have hit the market in the first half of the year.

Galaxy S7 – Rethink & Redefined


If you though the Galaxy S series had had its fill of success with the Galaxy S6, then you are dead wrong!! The S7 has coursed its way to become the staple of this year’s biggest smartphone releases ever. The black curved design delivers at a rate not expected from hi tech smartphones and is certainly giving iPhone a run for its money. The five inch screen, quad high definition visual, professional dual grade camera and a fast processor have allowed this new Samsung mobile to captivating people like never before.

Galaxy S7 Edge – Bigger & Better


Just when you think it couldn’t get any better than the S7, S7 Edge comes out and steals all the thunder. With a bigger screen size of 5.5 inches, it holds every feature offered by the S7 and more. For gamers, this is a dream come true for the high storage capacity, SD card setup and a giant battery offers an unlimited gaming and movie time. Let’s not forget that they are also resistant to water and dust that is just an added bonus Samsung has gifted to its customers.

Galaxy Note 5 – Elegance with a Pen


The Note series is going through a steady pace and attracting major attention ever since January when the Note 5 was released. Its design and functions allow absolute freedom for creativity. The S pen is the hero of this Samsung mobile phone that enable writing, clicking and drawing at a fine pace tilting and curving as the job requires. Get unbelievable screen display for videos and images with a fast charging battery to finish it off.

Galaxy A7 – High Performing Combinations


Galaxy A7 has been quite successful in its own right!! Samsung mobile price rates are vaguely high in most cases but some offer good quality performance and still offer moderate prices along with it. The combination of Gorilla metal glass and Octa core is the reason for its processing advancement. Provides with OIS feature on the front and rear camera for exceptional image capture.

Galaxy J5 – Affordable 4G Smartphone


This Samsung mobile recently released in April and has become a favorite for people looking at affordable priced smartphones in the market. It doesn’t get any better than J5 with its super AMOLED display and the 4G that packs quite a good punch. The battery of 3100 mAh makes it a suitable buy for 4G users as well as other aspects and features it contains.

6 Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

With more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store and 2.2 million in Google Play, there are tons of things you can do with your smartphone beyond making calls and texting. Here are some of the most innovative apps that make your smartphone do things you’ve never imagined.

1. Measure your heart rate

Instant Heart Rate is an app that uses your phone’s camera and flash to take a reading of your pulse. Just place your index finger on the camera and the app will automatically measure your heart rate by detecting color changes.

The app also collects data from each reading to create charts that help you monitor your heart rate over time. Plus, you can add tags and notes such as “Just woke up,” “Before bed,” “Exercising,” and “Resting,” to make your tracking more effective.

You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to benefit from this app. It’s also helpful if you have a medical condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes and need to monitor your heart rate closely. When I tested the app, it was within a beat or two of manually measuring my heart rate.

A free basic version is available for both Apple and Android users. However, there is also a Pro version (Apple, $2.99 / Android, $1.99) that’s ad-free and offers unlimited data tracking.


2. Hunt for treasure

One of the most unexpected things your smartphone can do is search for metal. If you own an iPhone, download a free app called Metal Detector. This app taps into your phone’s built-in magnetometer, which helps your phone detect the X,Y, Z axes for things like the compass.

Metal Detector won’t detect everything that’s metal, but don’t discredit its ability. Point your phone’s camera toward the metal objects and turn up the dial to increase the intensity. You’ll be surprised by the things it picks up. The app detects any metal that is magnetic.

If you don’t have an iPhone, a similar app (also called Metal Detector) is available for Android devices. These apps share the same name; however, they were created by different developers and have slight differences in the way they operate.

3. Control your vehicle from anywhere

Wouldn’t it be great if you could warm up or cool down your car before you even reach the parking lot? That’s what Viper SmartStart does. It’s like turning your phone into a remote control for your vehicle.

With the full system, you can start your car, unlock your doors, open your trunk, locate where you’re parked, and even activate your security system. Premium versions also include features such as text alerts for speeding and when your car has a low battery.

The apps for Apple and Android are free to download and test, but you’ll need extra hardware and a monthly service plan to make the system work.

There are four different service plan options, ranging from $70 to $240 per year, depending on the features you select. You will also need a module installed in your car, which costs around $300, plus installation.

4. Measure height and distance

Using your phone’s camera and fancy math, the iOS app Easy Measure estimates the distance or height of an object.

Before you play around with this app, an initial calibration is required. For better results, you’ll need to set the lens’ height. According to the app’s tutorial, the lens’ height is 4 inches from your real height.

To use the app, stand up and hold your phone at eye level then aim the little arrow at the base of the object you want to measure. Using the camera’s angle and your position, the app estimates the object’s distance.

EasyMeasure is available for both Apple and Android users as a free download. There is also an option to upgrade to a premium version (Apple $2.99 / Android, $.99) that is ad-free.

5. Level objects

Here’s a “handy” use for your smartphone, turn it into a leveler! iHandy Level is a free download for both iOS and Android that uses your smartphone’s accelerometer to help you level objects. The app even mimics a real bubble leveler with a wooden overlay.

The leveling action works with all your phone’s orientations so it’s quite versatile. Use it in portrait mode, landscape mode or go hands-free and lay your phone flat on its back.

iHandy Level can help you hang picture frames, TV mounts, light fixtures and just about anything you want to straighten out.

Other features include a digital readout of the current angle and a Hold button that locks the leveler in place.

6. See in the dark

Thermal vision isn’t something we’re born with, but now it’s possible to use it to see in the dark. All you need is a camera attachment, such as the Seek Thermal.

This high-resolution thermal camera attaches to your smartphone through the lightning port for Apple or micro USB port for Android. There are two different models currently available, the Compact and Compact XR.

Compact models cost around $250 and include a 206 x 156 thermal sensor. This model is also waterproof and can detect temperatures between -40 degrees and 626 degrees Fahrenheit at a range up to 1,000 feet.

For $300, the Compact XR model gets you a larger field of view, as well as a range of up to 1,800 feet. You’ll find these products on Seek Thermal’s website and on Amazon.

Seek Thermal cameras also come as an app to display the detected heat signatures on your phone screen. Use this equipment to scout and track wildlife, detect air leaks, monitor your home, find loose electrical wires, etc.


Google has been consistently making news rounds this week – with Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) getting his Twitter and Quora accounts hacked and a high quality imagery display update for their ever famous Google Maps. Now reports have started scattering on the internet about a possible smartphone release in 2016. Usually, Google has partnered with various companies like Huawei, HTC & LG in making certain smartphones; this one is solely based on their own personal design and without any collaboration from hi tech mobile companies.

Nexus OR Non-Nexus?


Nexus has become the main positive point for Google when related to smartphones and mobile devices. With their recent Nexus 5X & 6P release, they were able to garner some serious reviews and profits from the market. Even Project Ara, a smartphone concept that basically divides different components of the device thus making it modular is set to release in 2017. However, they are done in cooperation with others which does not seem to be Google’s aim this year. If reports are true, then Google is surely opting for their own non Nexus smartphone device that will generate some serious buzz in the market.

Google All Set for Competition


So far, there is no news regarding the mobile phone rumored for release this year. If Google is hoping to set a major stance in its efforts to compete with top smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung, then it should contain features not yet obtainable in the market sector. It’s no doubt that Google has accumulated some experience and knowledge in the hardware field which is way they giving the go ahead for this plan. Given their previous success with phablets, there is a possibility that they might venture once again in that line.

11 Things to Know About Gender and Online Shopping

Gender and online shopping have a unique relationship – a few years ago we discussed the differences between gender and Online Shopping and found some pretty interesting conclusions. Back then women in general shopped online more often, QR codes were a hot trend, and the concept of tablet commerce was just starting to emerge.

So, how has the role of gender changed with online shopping as we are half way through 2016? Here are 11 things to know…


1) More men have engaged in “buy online, pick up in store” (45% of internet users compared to 36% of women) but 42% of women are interested in using this type of service in the next twelve months.

2) While men are more likely to “buy online, pick up in store” electronics (87%) than women (75%), it’s actually women who are much more likely (64%) to engage in this method of shopping when it comes to apparel products (47%).

3) According to a recent Marist poll, men (34% of U.S. mobile phone users) are more likely to use Android phones than women (27%). Both genders use iPhones equally (35%) while 28% of women are not using any smartphone at all (only23% of men).

4) When asked what U.S. smartphone owners used their devices for the most on a daily basis, 26% of women stated they text the most often each day (only 15% of men). Men (9%) are more than twice as likely to use their smartphone for listening to music (4% of women).

5) Women are more engaged than men when using shopping applications for “deal” sites. In a recent study by King Retail Solutions, 14% of U.S. female smartphone owners stated they used the Groupon app (only 9% of men), 9% use the RetailMeNot app (only 1% of men) and 4% use the LivingSocial app (also only 1% of men).

6) Female U.S. internet users in general are more active with shopping applications than men. Only 34% of men use two or more shopping applications while ­­46% of women use this many applications.

7) Emerging social media technology seems to be catching on faster with female smartphone users. For example, 20% more female U.S. female teens use Snapchat compared to males.

8) Facebook is becoming a major video hub for women with 83% of U.S. female internet users stating they discover digital videos on the social network. This total is 30% higher than a traditional website (54%).

9) Pinterest has assisted 56% of active female Pinterest users “at least once or twice” with a purchase of hair care or beauty products. This percentage is 20% higher than male Pinterest users.

10) According to a recent study by Listrak, U.S. women email users are more likely to engage with email content when it is labeled as “on sale” than men (84% to 78%) while men are more drawn to email content around new products (45% to 33%) and top sellers (36% to 26%).

11) Men prefer emails with recommended products based on previous purchases more than women (83% to 73%) while women (72% to 71%) prefer email correspondence featuring recommended products based on what they have looked at online but not purchased. Men also prefer personalized email correspondence in the subject line or body of the email (71% to 66%) more than women do.


In conclusion, there still remain several distinctive ways in which gender can be used to customize the online shopping experience and increase sales. As we look forward to new technologies and emerging trends, it will be interesting to see the role gender plays in the evolution of online shopping.

Galaxy Note 7 Launches Alongside Tons of Cool Accessories

For starters, there’s a refreshed version of the Gear VR headset, which offers a wider field of view and promises to be more cozy. It’ll work with just about any Samsung phone dating back to the Galaxy S6.

There’s also Samsung’s spherical Gear 360 camera, which we gave major props to for its ease of use and swappable battery. The $349 camera takes full 360-degree video, which can be easily shared to your social network of choice — as well as to your VR headset.



Fitness fans can check out the Gear Gear IconX and Level Active. The former is a $199 set of wireless earbuds that can store up to 1,000 songs and track parameters such as speed and heart rate. The more budget-friendly Level Active headphones are wireless, sweat resistant and offer a bunch of touch controls that let you track performance without pulling out your phone.

Lastly, there’s Samsung Connect Auto, a small gadget that plugs into the OBD II port under your steering wheel and serves as a mobile hotspot for up to ten devices in your car (that’s a lot of data-saving for road trips). It can also send safety alerts to drivers.

Even if you’re not grabbing a Note 7 today, there’s a good chance one of these shiny new toys will catch your eye. We’re already big fans of the Note 7, Gear VR and Gear 360, and we look forward to putting the rest of Samsung’s new stuff through its paces soon.



After the successive run of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the high profits they achieved, they have to follow suit with a new and better version. Samsung has a rather large fan base that expects nothing short of perfection every year with the new smartphone release. However, this time it seems that they are laying the groundwork for something amazing. With all the rumors floating around, the big outcome of it all has resulted in revealing some great features that will keep it in the spotlight for the year 2017 as well.

New Virtual Reality Smartphone Feature

The biggest craze of the year, virtual reality headset gears and tech devices seem to be coming to Samsung’s flagship smartphone device. The chance of playing video games with downloadable content on the mobile phones is a great marketing technique which puts a new feature into Samsung mobile arsenal. The tech giant is rumored to working on the VR technology to ensure that it is embedded into their next phone by 2017.

High Functioning Processor Chip

With more enhancement and advancement being set in a new slim and shiny smartphone, Samsung is planning to install a high processing chip set. It’s either the Snapdragon Qualcomm chipset or the Exynos 8895 chip. They are both known to provide a stable processing to handle heavy applications even when multitasking that will increase the processing speed making it hard for any smartphone or tablet in the market to compete with it.

4K Ultra HD Display

For a decent VR system, an accurate, sharp and detailed display is the ultimate requirement. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going for the biggest 4K Ultra display with high definition. The smooth 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display is also believed to make its way to the new Galaxy version which is going to be one of its biggest selling points.


Huawei has shaken the gong of smartphones industry on a worldwide scale ever since it first stepped foot in the market. Showing a massive impact in China by laying waste to the profitable sales of Apple and Samsung, Huawei mobiles are successfully making their mark. Given these stellar achievements, Huawei has set its eyes on certain high level celebrities to engage in promoting their brand. So far, they have managed to get the biggest movie stars and sport celebrities to jump into their circles and have bestowed upon them the title of Huawei brand ambassadors.  Let’s check out the lucky seven who have been graced with such a designation.

Scarlett Johansson

The Chinese company has slated to sponsor Huawei latest mobile through top tier celebrities; Scarlett Johansson has greatly contributed to the sales of P9 series. The multitalented Hollywood actress who portrays the Black Widow character in the high grossing Avenger movies has become part of the Huawei brand by endorsing the Huawei mobile phones.

Henry Cavill

If you thought that Marvel and DC superheroes cannot join hands then think again. Henry Cavill, the bona fide Superman, has joined Scarlett in recommending the Huawei brand. Given the engagement both these celebrities have, it has captured the movie related audience putting more eye son the Huawei mobiles.

Lionel Messi

The beating heart of football, Lionel Messi, is without a doubt a huge stamp of approval for Huawei. The professional footballer has a worldwide audience that follows his every move and listens with bated breath to every word he says. By endorsing Huawei, the word for the elite smartphones is out to the main sports quarter in the world.

Brooklyn Beckham

Being the teenage darling of the football sports, Brooklyn Beckham is the son of the legendary David Beckham. Huawei has taken the football sport as a special target. Whilst they took the adult audience with Messi, Brooklyn has a massive teenage following on social media that works as a huge advantage for Huawei to promote its latest smartphones.

Ravshan Irmatov

You would think that Huawei had taken all celebrities from the sports section. They also added Ravshan Irmatov, the football referee from Uzbekistan and a five time best referee of Asia title winner. It is apparent that Huawei is looking for esteemed personalities and players that can carry their message.

Mawra Hocane

Huawei has finally included the versatile Pakistani actress, Mawra Hocane, to join the Huawei family. It’s no secret that Huawei mobile phones are desired by a vast audience in Pakistan. Putting the new upcoming model and actress to the task is truly a stroke of genius.

Adeel Chaudhry

An actor, singer and model, Adeel Chaudry is file with unlimited talents and skills that has put him on Huawei’s radar. Other than taking part in several TV serials and Bollywood films.


Why do people choose to online shop?

When it comes to online retail, conventional wisdom states that customers will choose the virtual over brick-and-mortar store mainly because of the price. While this may be true , it’s only partially true. Price is a big factor and probably the most rational factor when it comes to shopping online. However, choosing online shopping takes more than the rational.


Here are the top 5 reasons, other than price, that drive people to buy online :

  • Shopping online is convenient for anyone, anytimeThe usual trouble with business hours is that they are the same for pretty much everyone. Both shoppers and retailers. While movies portrait people as care-free, on-the-go individuals, the reality is that much of the time people are either stuck in an office, stuck in traffic or just at home, spending time with the family. Say customer X remembers he needs to buy a new pair of shoes at 2 PM, while still at work. Will it be possible for him to drive to the closest store? Will he just go online and buy his favorite pair of shoes, from a wide selection of brands and offers. Of course it’s the latter which brings us to.


  • Shopping online is easier and less stressingThink about shopping centers. Picture the people, the crowd, the options. Hear the noise. Now think about looking for a parking space, walking to the mall, walking some more from store to store. Trying on. Maybe going home empty handed.Now picture doing all that in front of the computer, listening to your favorite music, comparing the best deals, without anyone trying to convince you what is the perfect fit. Shopping online is just easier. Customers choose it because it’s stress-free, it’s rational and you can get the best deal without spending a whole afternoon looking for a pair of pants.


  • Shopping for products unavailable in the near areaNot longer than 10 years ago, most shoppers would have had to choose between the products available in the nearest store or not buy anything at all. There was no “shopping for that special bottle of wine I saw last year in Paris”. If the local wine store was not selling it, well … it simply wasn’t worth the hassle to look for it anymore. Now consumers can just “google” a particular brand or product and someone, somewhere, will be ready to sell it and ship it.


  • It’s easier to compare offersTo be fair, this one has a lot to do with price but than again comparison and especially easy comparison is a matter of convenience rather than pricing. Comparing prices online is way easier than any of the options offline stores have.


  • It’s just so much better to talk aboutRemember the last time you talked about visiting a store while chatting with your best friend? Probably a long time ago. Truth is conventional retail stores are just so … available to anyone. Uninteresting. Common. You cannot brag about a new, indie, never before heard store that still offers a lot of products. Shopping online is just much more conversation-worthy.

How to Find Your Signature Scent

It was the designer Christian Dior who said “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”   Your fragrance is a conversation with  others without saying a word. It announces your presence and remains in a room after you have left. Everyone has a scent print, as unique as a finger print that is theirs alone. Choosing a signature fragrance can be daunting with the hundreds of perfumes and colognes. Four tips to help you  discover the scent that speaks to and about you.

Know what you like: Do you gravitate to fresh fragrances, florals or heady Orientals? Knowing what you notes works for you (or don’t) is a good first step. If you are new to perfume think of aromas that appeal to you. The scent of the ocean, the memory of a favorite vacation, burying your nose in a bouquet of roses, freshly baked goodies or a walk through a forest.

If you love the smell of a tropical vacation try Escada Ocean Lounge. If he is more comfortable on a surfboard than surfing the net Nautica Voyage will suit his style. Take a walk through a sunlit garden withFlora by Gucci with notes of peonies and red roses. No one wants to smell like a cookie or a cupcake, so if you love the scent of vanilla try Coty Vanilla Musk, which is creamy and sexy with a bit of musk

What’s your personality?  Are you trendy? Try the new Miu Miu  from Prada, a perfume with contrasting floral and wood notes of rose, jasmine and sandalwood that is stylish but fun. If you never leave the house without red lipstick and high heels try Versace Vanitas  a “notice me” blend of heady white flowers with a sultry woody drydown.  If he is a modern day knight in shining armor,   powerful but tender, Givenchy Gentleman ‘s blend of leather, woody spice and musk would suit him just fine.

People are Talking: Try two or three perfumes or colognes. Wear one at a time to a party or to work. Which fragrance gets compliments? How you smell to others is important, and a good way to find your signature scent. A stylish editor we know wears Michael Kors, a sophisticated white floral and is stopped everywhere she goes. Another fragrance that turns heads is Lolita Lempicka,  a floral gourmand with notes of vanilla and violet that is irresistible. Rumor has it that P. Diddy liked a very expensive French cologne and asked his perfumer to recreate it. Unforgivable for Men is a show stopper, a fougere with a twist of gin and juniper.

Wear Classics: There is a reason best selling perfumes are worn by generations of men and women.   Worth Je Reviens when translated means “I am returning” symbolizes both the past and the present.  Created in 1932, Je Reviens is one of the rare perfumes to focus on narcissus. Sparkling aldehydes and spicy clove meet in a fragrance you will return to again and again. Davidoff Coolwater was launched in 1988 by award winning perfumer Pierre Boudon and its fresh aquatic scent accented with mint and lavender is a perennial favorite. Guerlain’s legendary Shalimar was created by Jaques Guerlain as an ode to the Taj Mahal in 1926. An Oriental that combined vanilla, florals and citrus notes resting on a languorous  bed of amber was revolutionary in its day and still smells modern and daring.


The grand Samsung family is back once again with the most spectacular smartest phone ever, the classy SAMSUNG ON 7 that shines truly & is ready to take -off the lead for sure. The smartphone is said to be an upgraded version of the older Samsung ON 5 series, but it captures a bunch of secrets inside that will surprise you right from its touch till its display.

Let’s Explore the Thrifty Mechanical Model

Off course, for all its prudent users out there, the phone comes in as the most in- pocket smart device with exceptional features that would pay off. All in all, from exterior till specs, an intelligent & a fully featured phone ever.

The Real Taste Comes In Physical Touch

Realizing the love of display that its users keep, the device is bombarded with a full-time wide 5.5 inch screen size. Get entertain for hours, go through your urgent lectures, browse unlimited Internet & much more with the neat side bezels that are solely designed for this purpose to keep your phone at relax sight for your soothing vision. At the bottom is the all-time glaring Home button, giving you freedom to fall into the love of extreme multi-tasking! Dressed in fauxy leather touch or the golden clad, the phone gives out strong “buy me, won’t disappoint “vibes. The easily detachable back body is most convenient for the space lovers to put in micro SD card & enjoy massive memory backup that would stay for hours, thanks to the 3000 mAh battery that won’t ditch you ever. The only unusual point that won’t be liked much by the brand fans are the speakers placed at the back that might sounds odd to some but sometimes,  it’s nice to be oddJ.

A Super Lasting Companion For Your Boredom

Amazing to know, the model comes gifted with the all-time desired HD display with a TFT screen visibility that brings in a solid point to earn billions for the brand. Coupled with the powerful 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor & Snapdragon 410 chipset, always brings out a truly exceptional cellular performance & robust connectivity when paired up.Time to multi–task heavily with an in-built 8GB RAM upgradable up to 128GB via SD card slot. Last but not the least, the super Android Lollipop 5 O.S is the wow factor here along with TouchWiz, making you feel at easiest! The 4G LTE / 3G HSPA+ mode is there to enjoy high gaming & limitless surfing with a 3MP rear & 5 MP front lens to beautify the clicks for our selfie-lovers with a mind-blowing Palm Gesture & Group selfie modes that won’t let you sit bore for long.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to buy the hottest & newest cellular icon, then Samsung ON 7 would be the most economical & preferred choice for sure to go for with reliability at par.

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