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RECALL – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Due to Explosions or Fire

Samsung has recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones in 10 countries, Canada included.

It has been confirmed by Samsung that 35 Note 7 phones have either exploded, or caught on fire. This danger is present within the phones due to defective batteries from one supplier.

Although there have been no reports of this happening in Canada, Owners of the Galaxy Note 7 in Canada can exchange it for a new one of the same model. It may seem inconvenient but from the image below of this phone you can see it’s not something you would want to take a chance with!

Another option offered by Samsung is to exchange a recalled device for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. You can do this through the carrier or retailer that sold the device.

These phones are popular and if you have a Samsung Note 7, you’ll need to get the exchange processed. You may have friends and family who have this phone model so share this info. with them in case they are unaware of the recall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners can initiate the exchange by visiting this website:

You may also contact Samsung toll-free at: 1-800-517-3507.


The Wonderful World Of Starter Packs, The Fashion Meme

Whether you know what they are or not, chances are you’ve seen (and laughed at) them:Memes have infiltrated the internet, making the posts in our newsfeeds that much easier to digest and share. There are loads of different types, and by now, we all have our favorites. But “starter packs,” a fashion-focused meme that roasts prescriptive or expected looks by laying out their components, are the most chuckle-inducing, cringe-worthy dose of cheeky humor we’ve seen yet.

September is almost over, which means Fashion Month and the street style clichés (and industry stereotypes) that come with it are almost finished. And boy, are we nearly fashioned out. But thankfully, starter packs are here to remind us that somewhere, far, far away, it could be worse. Of course, there is a little bit of all of us in each one. Don’t think so? Then you may be this close to your next Halloween costume.

10 Trending Product Ideas for Black Friday 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday present a huge business opportunity. Online shoppers spent nearly $3 billion on Black Friday weekend last year, including almost $1 billion in mobile sales alone.

While Black Friday shopping may be synonymous with holiday crazes like Tickle Me Elmo and Mr. Potato Head, the real opportunities extend far beyond that. At the end of every year, there are certain product trends that pick up steam and turn into runaway hits on Black Friday.

So, what if you knew what products would be big this Black Friday before anyone else?

With a little research and a keen eye, you can uncover unique opportunities for Black Friday and Cyber Monday-friendly products that will set your business apart and help you take advantage of emerging trends.

We dove deep into the data to discover the hottest product trends for this Black Friday Cyber Monday. Get in on the action with one of these 10 incredibly popular product ideas.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind these are not suggested products to sell online. These items caught our attention and are trending upwards according to Google Trends. Before selling anything online you must first do your own due diligence to determine market demand and potential.

10 Unique Product Ideas for This Black Friday

Looking for some inspiration for this Black Friday? If you’ve been searching for the perfect product idea to launch a business or you’re hoping to build out your current catalogue, check out this year’s list of trending products.

1. Liquid Phone Cases

It’s no surprise that phone cases are a popular product idea. Phones are at the centre of our lives; they tell us where we’re going, what to eat, and how to live. So it’s only natural that they’ve also become an extension of our personalities.

Liquid phone cases are a unique take on a classic phone accessory. The backs of these cases are filled with a gel-like liquid that slides around as the phone moves, opening up exciting possibilities for new designs. From beer mugs to aquariums, designers are turning liquid phone cases into fresh and exciting pieces.

Liquid phone cases have been on the rise over the past two years, but saw a huge jump in popularity last Black Friday. The same jump is likely to repeat this year.

2. Waterproof Phone Cases

Poolside activities saw waterproof cases surge in popularity this summer. While swim season might be on its way out, the demand for waterproof phone cases is here to stay. Water damage is one of the most common smartphone killers, but waterproof cases provide customers with a durable, protective shell to shield their devices from the elements.

Waterproof cases have steadily been growing in popularity over the past few years including a massive peak this summer. Even though the danger of dropping phones into pools has passed, it’s likely that waterproof cases will still be a hit this Black Friday as customers plan their winter getaways.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Major players like Beats by Dre have made Bluetooth speakers a holiday favorite over the past few years. Since streaming music services are bigger than ever, it makes sense that customers are looking to carry their music with them wherever they go.

Interest in Bluetooth speakers has seen steady growth over the past few years with predictable spikes every November and December around the holiday season.

4. Fairy Lights

These tiny, white LED lights add a cozy glow to any indoor or outdoor space: From bedrooms to restaurant patios.

Fairy lights have been a longtime favorite of Pinterest users and bohemian trendsetters, but they always hit a massive jump in popularity around the end of every year. Whether they’re being gifted to trendy home decor aficionados or used as holiday decorations, fairy lights are a promising choice for Black Friday Cyber Monday.

5. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins have seen a meteoric rise this year as a new must-have product. These cute and quirky accessories can be seen attached to everything from denim jackets to laptop bags. Enamel pins can be made to accommodate any design including brand logos, quirky illustrations, and everything in between.

Interest in enamel pins exploded at the start of the year, making this a brand new craze that’s set to dominate Black Friday. Major retailers like Urban Outfitters have started carrying enamel pins recently and consumer appetites for these bite-sized fashion statements show no sign of slowing down.

6. Rechargeable Lighters

Rechargeable lighters are the latest entry into the ever-expanding space of vapes and e-cigarettes. These flameless, fuelless alternatives to traditional lighters are powered by lithium ion batteries and are charged with USB cords or standalone charging docks. The lighting mechanism is a heated, electric coil—essentially, a portable version of a car’s cigarette lighter.

Rechargeable lighters have been growing in tandem with the rise of vape culture, but surged in popularity this summer. The trend seems on track to continue to Black Friday, making these lighters a hot commodity.

7. Dad Hats

Dad hats are the latest 90s fashion resurrection. What started out as a street wear accessory has rocketed into the mainstream this year.

Shopify store owners can print these structureless, 6-panel hats with custom designs using on-demand fulfillment services like Printful, an app available in the. If you’re already selling apparel or planning on starting soon, dad hats are a must-have.

8. Smart Fitness Watches

Wearable tech has been gaining momentum for the past few years, but smart fitness watches have been leading the pack. In fact, 40% of US consumers are interested in buying smart watches with nearly half of that 40% wanting to use those smart watches for health and fitness.

The opportunities aren’t just limited to big players like Apple and Fitbit either. General interest in smart fitness watches has risen dramatically over the past year, creating new possibilities for small businesses hoping to get into the wearable tech market.

9. Phone Power Banks

Pokemon GO’s wild popularity sent demand for phone power banks and external batteries through the roof. The Augmented Reality app took a toll on the battery life of phones worldwide, sending users searching for a quick fix. Power banks, portable batteries that can be charged in advance, gave users a chance to keep hunting for Ratatas and Pikachus even if their phones weren’t up to the challenge.

Although Pokemon GO’s usership might be taking a dive, it’s likely that the demand for power banks and external batteries will remain. Interest in power banks has steadily risen over the past few years, so even if the game is falling out of favor, users will still be looking for ways to keep their phones going all day.

10. Charcoal Face Masks

Activated charcoal is one of the hottest beauty trends. It’s been popping up as an ingredient in cosmetics everywhere recently, but face masks have emerged as one of its most popular applications. Charcoal face masks are an Instagram-friendly product with a unique pitch black appearance that customers love to share.

Interest in charcoal face masks has grown steadily over the past few years, but it looks like the trend shot up significantly in February and has soared ever since.



Citizenship By Investment

For foreign investors, acquiring a Spain citizenship and passport brings a possibility to operate between Europe and Mediterranean countries with easy trade links with North and South American countries.

Mahandru Associates is a leading Spain citizenship by investment and passport provider, helping potential individuals, businessmen and families secure a second passport. We monitor, evaluate and regulate all possible solutions to ensure they meet the fundamental standards of the Spain Citizenship by Investment Program. We use our intimate knowledge to ensure the highest success rate with our clients’ applications.


  • Travel directly from your country of origin to any Schengen country.
  • Residents are welcome to travel and reside freely within the Schengen Area for up to 3 months every 6 months period with the right of multiple entries.
  • No need to reside in the country.
  • You and your family enjoy a renewable European Residency Visa (as long as the investment is held)
  • One of the largest economies in Europe offering an Investor Visa Program with real estate prices now at their lowest.
  • One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, hence high demand for your property should you wish to rent it out.
  • Highly developed country, which enjoys high quality of life and political stability, beautiful natural environment and sunny Mediterranean climate.
  • European Residency in 2 – 3 months.
  • Open to all Nationalities.
  • Same rights to Education as the Spanish Citizens and excellent health care system.
  • Open bank accounts and expand investments worldwide.
  • Can lead to Spanish Citizenship

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Student Visa For Australia

Interested in furthering your studies in Australia? There are various Australian student visa options available to learners who want to study and live in Australia on a temporary basis, depending on a number of factors and requirements for entry.

The Student Visa Program assists students wishing to pursue internationally-recognized courses in a progressive, secure, and culturally diverse learning environment. Before being eligible to apply, students must have already chosen a study course that is accredited and registered by the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Courses range from Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates to Graduate Diplomas and Full Postgraduate programs. Tuition fees are established by each tertiary institution and will vary according to the course that you are studying.Contact us to find out a comprehensive list of universities to choose from in Australia

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Skilled Worker Migration To Poland

The Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe with the 8th largest population in the region.Euro is the official currency in Poland along with the strongly going local currency, Zloty.With the 6th largest economy in EU, Poland was one of the very few European countries which was not hit by the economic crisis of 2008.Warsaw, the capital, is a major international tourist destination and a significant cultural, political & economic hub  with its economy characterized by a wide variety of industries such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Metal processing, Steel and Electronic Manufacturing and Food processing.The average living cost in Warsaw (according to IMF) is around €600 per month.

The program is exclusive to Mahandru Associates In the entire Middle east and North African region. You will be Acquiring a SCHENGEN Residency which will entitle you to travel and stay (Reside) in any of the 26 SCHENGEN states and some other non-Schengen European countries with the additional benefit of the provision of family sponsorship.

Documents will be processed from Warsaw; the capital city of the Republic of Poland.Unlike all the other residency programs, the program has the possibility of allowing you to stay out of Schengen zone while holding the residency.The Residency will allow you to file your documents for naturalization ( citizenship) after 5 years and run by a team professional immigration lawyers, Public relation officers and Management consultants for a Guaranteed positive result while the proceedings will take approximately from 4-5 months from the date of inception.

Contact Mahandru Associates for a confidential and free consultation on the procedures click here

Family Migration To Canada

The Family Class allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their dependent children, parents and grandparents, and spouse or common-law/conjugal partner. Canada strongly supports keeping families together whenever possible. As such, the processing of Family Class applications is given the highest priority at Canadian Visa Offices.

Under this program, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident may sponsor a spouse or common-law partner as well as children for Canadian permanent residence. Both the Canadian citizen or permanent resident (also called the ‘sponsor’) and the foreign national (the ‘sponsored person’) must be approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order for the sponsored person to receive a visa.To learn more about eligibility requirements for Family Reunion, contact Mahandru Associates.

Business Migration To United States

Many foreign nationals who want to start a business in the United States have inquired Mahandru Associates to explain the different Visa options available to them. This article reviews the two popular Visas that are available for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Business Owners and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. The summary of the key aspects of each Visa is as follows.

E-2 Investor Visa

An E-2 Visa is a Visa option for business owners that wish to start a company in the United States that they want to develop and direct the operations of.  Although a person could live indefinitely in the U.S. with an E-2 Visa, it is a non-immigrant Visa which means that it does not automatically lead to a green card.  In order to qualify for this Visa, you must either start a business or buy a business that you plan to run and the investment amount really depends on the type of business you start.

For example, if you start a consulting firm, the amount of investment can be as low as $50,000 or could rise up to $250,000.  If you start a manufacturing plant, the required investment amount would be much higher. In addition to the unlimited duration of the E-2 Visa (as long as you continue to run the business) and the potentially small investment amount, this Visa has the additional advantage of allowing an Investor’s spouse and children to join them in the U.S. and the spouse can get authorization to work in any field.  Find out more about E-2 Visas by contacting Mahandru Associates for a free Consultation.

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa

An EB-5 Visa is a great visa option if you have a large amount of capital and is often referred to as the million dollar Green Card. The key advantage of this Visa is that you and your immediate family automatically get a green card. But the down side is that, the Visa requires a substantial investment (could be from $500,000 to $1,000,000) with complex procedures and extensive documentation.There are 5 main criteria to get an EB-5 Visa

  1. You must invest or be actively in the process of investing either $1,000,000 in a city settings, or US $500,000 in rural settings
  2. You must show that the funds come from a legitimate source
  3. The entire amount of the investment must be active or at risk
  4. You must make the investment in a new or existing business enterprise
  5. You must demonstrate that the investment directly or indirectly results in the creation or preservation of ten full time jobs

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Matching the right shirt with a trouser or a tie with a coat has always been tricky for men who aim for perfecting their looks for any occasion. Perhaps this conundrum will always stay to bother as toning or contrasting apparel is a task that requires quite a deal of pondering. However for some keen men, the struggle starts right from the bottom. It’s where they go in a dilemma of pulling the right socks that’ll go well with their trousers or shoes. For such enthusiasts, we bring in some simple and straight tips to how not to wear odd socks.

The Play Safe Method!

tonal mens socks

The safest and the old fashioned way to go is tonal, that is to where socks which are either of the same color as your trousers or are slightly off. So, whenever you find yourself in a hurry or run out of options the best way is to match rather than mismatch!

Coming Out of Cover!

tonal textured socks

A fairly acceptable and a spinoff of the first rule is to use matching hues but with patterns or textures. Dots, stripes, checks can go equally well to pair with matching trousers. Textured socks made from wool or thicker material add a more rough and rugged look so make sure you don’t shy showing them off. Wear a neatly folded trouser or a one that is just long enough to touch your ankles!

Stepping Up!

contrasting mens socks

Take the next big leap wearing vibrant and contrasting socks that will add more colors to your leg-wear. Solid base contrasting colors go preferably well with pale or light colored trousers, especially chinos. You can always go for bright colors as well, just make sure they do not steal away all the looks and your outfit gets neglected!

Being Bold!

textured contrasting mens socks

The final move that you can make is to use high contrasting patterned socks that will give out a bold statement. The best way of doing so is to use them on a plain pair of trouser, be it any color. There should be some element in the texture that blends with the trousers. You can always go for shocking bright contrasting colors, just make sure others don’t get an eyesore!


Men always strive to look their absolute best for any occasion and event. It is an awesome display of energy and boosts confidence at every step. The mere look and fashionable attire can be a game changer in any situation giving an aura of sophistication that is helpful in emboldening one’s personality. In the professional life, there are certain attires that are useful to influence ones surroundings and increase the possibility of planning a successful run. That, however, can be attained in a nutshell by knowing the steps and rules for a perfect men suit wear.

Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion

Men Stylish Suit Wear Tips


The whole idea for such a dashing overlook of style is to gain a sense of self that transforms men. That goal is achieved through understanding the wearing tribulations and mastering the stylish essence of suit wear that makes it appealing rather than lopsided. In that vein, there are several factors that should be taken into account when getting a suitable suit.

Keep it Simple & Elegant


Nowadays, there is always that urge among the youngsters to let a funky and chic style when thinking about suits. But the simplicity of color and the elegance portrayal of the entire attire are exactly that forms a mature mind and provides a modicum of comfort. Swag is not achieved by pushing for a trendy look that might be popular in men fashion for a temporary period of time but by keeping it simple. Elegance is a token of originality and class that does not require any fancy additions to inspire others and more importantly – you!!

Fit the Suit Just Right


The first thing that needs to be taken into account when trying out a suit, is keeping it level with the shoulders. Always make sure the shirt collar is above the jacket collar. The buttons should be fastened right around the naval rather than a tight fit otherwise it looks awkward from the front. When talking about size, the sleeves should be just an inch above the wrist to make way for the shirt underneath. To keep it stylish and cozy in this western wear attire, adjust the pant breaks that are preferred from slight to medium break fit.

Capitalize on Suit with Matching Accessories


A suit is all well and good but what makes it a symbol of poise and finesse is the matching accessories that go along with it. These accessories should not be an exact matching color but an extra layer of texture to compliment the suit. Among the accessories are the shoes, belts and tie and each has to be matching color to give the right level of subtlety to go with a fashion point of view. It is necessary not to over accessorize the suit as it will have the complete opposite effect from what you imagined.

Be a True Gentleman – in a Suit


The characteristics and traits that get embedded into men’s personality through a suit is quit exquisite. A touch of flair and grace is all that takes to make a mature and modest man. Follow all the steps and guidelines and bring versatility and freshness to your wardrobe.

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