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The Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch did not get the standing ovation they were expecting the first time around; however, the new one has offered some substantial features including water resistance, high tech dual core processor and graphics chip that increases the watch visibility. There is also a GPS system that shows Apple’s direction and how they are looking to capitalize on their Watch series.


iOS10 & Watch OS3


Apple took the September event to also showcase their operating systems for both the iPhones and watches. The new update for iOS10 shows changes in Siri, a Universal Clipboard, use of widgets with 3D touch and the complete revamping of Apple Music.  With Watch OS3, Apple is looking to bring every single iPhone iOS10 feature into the watch. It is still taking the health approach with the fitness tracker and applications but on the other hand are simplifying the user controls and removing the glitches. All in all a worthy effort by Apple when it comes to updating their operating systems.

Apple Introduces New Games


Usually, we do not see the Apple talking about games at their event but this time they made an exception. The big reveal that did not show up on the rumor sheets was the super Mario Run Nintendo game that Apple is bringing to the App Store. Shigeru Miyamoto, the designer and producer of the Mario games was also present on stage and stated the transition to the mobile game world for Mario. Apple Watch did not go unnoticed here either, the new Pokémon Go App for the Apple Watch along with Pokémon them wrist bands.

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