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Get up close and purrsonal with Persona 5’s mascot, Morgana

Choo-choo! All aboard the hype train!

Hey everyone, did you know that at the time of me writing this article, Persona 5 is coming out in 96 days? That’s a February 14th 2017 release date for those of you who are slightly less rabid. Keen fans of the series and followers of game news in general will likely be aware of the game’s feline mascot named Morgana. In addition to being a sassy anthropomorphic cat-like…thing, she serves as a mentor to the youths of the Phantom Thieves, is the heart and soul of the team and, most importantly, can turn into a bus. Official sources state that Morgana actually hates being called a cat, so from here on I’ll be sure to refer to her in vehicular terms.



Voice actor Cassandra Morris, known for her roles as Edea Lee in Bravely Default and Sophie in Tales of Graces, among many other videogame and anime roles, will provide the voice for the Phantom Thieves’ means of conveyance.  In the video below, she offers insight into what it takes to play the cat-eared automobile in a little backstage special Q&A session. I won’t spoil the content of the video, so go ahead and watch two people wearing Morgana hats talk about the game and the process of making a mascot voice.

In addition to this little interview, Atlus has released a further short trailer specifically focusing on Morgana and showcasing just a little of what the little road hog can do.

Persona 5 comes out on PS3 and PS4 on February 14th 2017 in the Americas and Europe and there may still be some copies of the super swanky Take Your Heart premium edition of the game left near you! If not, the steelbook edition seems to be the only available type in my local EB Games, so that would be your next best bet if you want something shiny without the cost of a gigantic box of Persona 5 goodies.

Final thoughts: Morgana sounds better than Teddie and I am overcome with relief. And now we wait.

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