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Google has been consistently making news rounds this week – with Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) getting his Twitter and Quora accounts hacked and a high quality imagery display update for their ever famous Google Maps. Now reports have started scattering on the internet about a possible smartphone release in 2016. Usually, Google has partnered with various companies like Huawei, HTC & LG in making certain smartphones; this one is solely based on their own personal design and without any collaboration from hi tech mobile companies.

Nexus OR Non-Nexus?


Nexus has become the main positive point for Google when related to smartphones and mobile devices. With their recent Nexus 5X & 6P release, they were able to garner some serious reviews and profits from the market. Even Project Ara, a smartphone concept that basically divides different components of the device thus making it modular is set to release in 2017. However, they are done in cooperation with others which does not seem to be Google’s aim this year. If reports are true, then Google is surely opting for their own non Nexus smartphone device that will generate some serious buzz in the market.

Google All Set for Competition


So far, there is no news regarding the mobile phone rumored for release this year. If Google is hoping to set a major stance in its efforts to compete with top smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung, then it should contain features not yet obtainable in the market sector. It’s no doubt that Google has accumulated some experience and knowledge in the hardware field which is way they giving the go ahead for this plan. Given their previous success with phablets, there is a possibility that they might venture once again in that line.

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