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Is it really true? Has the groundbreaking, record shattering augmented reality game has gone into total decline? It would seem so given the recent news that have spiked up on the internet that Pokemon Go mobile game, after the viral success it has achieved in the few months, is slowly joining the ranks of other has been before it. The immeasurable scale at which this Pokémon game craze had people running around looking for their prized game points has started to lose its appeal in the eyes of fans.

A Considerable Traffic Decline

Remember when Pokémon Go game players consistently complained about the servers shutting down every time? That was due to the unlimited amount of traffic that the game was attracting on a daily basis. In fact, the game went to hold the record for 45 million users in July. Now, it has fallen to 30 million in just under a month which smells like trouble for the augmented reality game.

Death & Robberies

Among the many reasons that can be listed to explain this conundrum, the deadly accident in Japan of a truck driver running over two pedestrians, killing one and injuring the other can be termed as a major factor. This is not the first time though that such an accident has taken place. Places like Florida and San Diego have reported similar occurrences that lead to multiple injuries. Put the robberies on top of that which lead to the first burst of negative publicity about the game.

Walk – Search – Capture – Repeat

You can only get hyped on the game for so long… most people get tired of roaming around on the streets, facing the risk of accidents in the process and keep repeating the same old goal over and over again. Truth in fact, the game does not offer anything new after a point which tends to shift the users interest in other games.

Let’s hope that the creators come up with some new and exciting techniques to get the users back on track and to play the game.

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