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HP Pavilion 15-AB Laptop – 2.2 GHz, 15.6 Inch, 1TB, 8GB, 2GB VGA

HP Pavilion 15P Laptop -

The HP Pavilion 15P Laptop allows you to work for hours, while providing you with endless entertainment. This laptop looks like the perfect eye candy, thanks to its pretty blue finish. Adding to the visual appeal of this device is the gradient design around the keyboard area, which …




HP Pavilion 15 laptop is packed with great features to keep you entertained and productive at work. Light and stylish, this HP Pavilion laptop is here to steal the show.The HP Pavilion 15 AB Laptop is a revolutionary portable computer that decimates run of the mill machines when it comes to performance and efficiency. This advanced laptop features a 15.6inch HD LED display that renders visuals in high clarity and at stellar resolutions. The HP Pavilion 15 laptop’s Intel Core i5 processor ensures the system works at an optimum pace without any interruptions. Multitasking between open applications is simplified and fast owing to this HP Pavilion 15 notebook’s 8GB RAM. Windows 8.1 operating system comes installed on this advanced laptop to give you a plethora of apps and other entertainment options. The computer incorporates a 1TB HDD that can save all your vital data files seamlessly. Access to high speed Internet is facilitated by the device’s WiFi support. Onboard USB and HDMI ports are the other connectivity options made available on this HP laptop. This HP Pavilion laptop comes in a sleek silver finish and has an ergonomically designed English keyboard for easy typing.


  • Intel Core i5
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB VGA
  • 15.6 Inch
  • 1 TB
  • Windows 8.1


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