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After the successive run of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the high profits they achieved, they have to follow suit with a new and better version. Samsung has a rather large fan base that expects nothing short of perfection every year with the new smartphone release. However, this time it seems that they are laying the groundwork for something amazing. With all the rumors floating around, the big outcome of it all has resulted in revealing some great features that will keep it in the spotlight for the year 2017 as well.

New Virtual Reality Smartphone Feature

The biggest craze of the year, virtual reality headset gears and tech devices seem to be coming to Samsung’s flagship smartphone device. The chance of playing video games with downloadable content on the mobile phones is a great marketing technique which puts a new feature into Samsung mobile arsenal. The tech giant is rumored to working on the VR technology to ensure that it is embedded into their next phone by 2017.

High Functioning Processor Chip

With more enhancement and advancement being set in a new slim and shiny smartphone, Samsung is planning to install a high processing chip set. It’s either the Snapdragon Qualcomm chipset or the Exynos 8895 chip. They are both known to provide a stable processing to handle heavy applications even when multitasking that will increase the processing speed making it hard for any smartphone or tablet in the market to compete with it.

4K Ultra HD Display

For a decent VR system, an accurate, sharp and detailed display is the ultimate requirement. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going for the biggest 4K Ultra display with high definition. The smooth 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display is also believed to make its way to the new Galaxy version which is going to be one of its biggest selling points.

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