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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: First indications of launch early 2017

There are already many months always rumors that Samsung a Galaxy Tab S3 brings out, the successor to the Galaxy Tab S2 . While it was often assumed that the IFA should already be available, it was unlikely. After all, a revised version of the S2 was released in the summer.But so slowly is for a Galaxy Tab S3 time. According Sam Mobile it should be ready early 2017th Several references confirm this.

So in the Indian’s Export / Import database Zauba a so-called Samsung SM-T825 has emerged. This is supposed to be the LTE version of the new tablet, while the WLAN model seems to bear the designation SM-T820. In early November, a SM-T825 also in a surfaced benchmark database , albeit without results or specifications. Such a tablet seems to really exist.

The first version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was released in 2015 and even then the processor was not the newest. Nevertheless, I liked the tablet very much. It is still with only 5.6mm one of the thinnest devices out there. The workmanship is good, the frame is made of metal, but the back is still plastic.

Meanwhile, the S2 is still good, but in my opinion no longer the best high-end tablet out there. Thus, in the 9.7-inch tablet offers the ASUS zenPad 3S 10 with a metal case better processing, it also has a fingerprint reader and in the benchmarks, it is faster than the S2. The 8-inch device is Huawei MediaPad M3 a powerful alternative – also with fingerprint reader, metal housing and snappier performance.

What will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 offer us? So far we do not know. However, it could be among the first tablets to appear directly with Android 7.0 nougat. Except for Google’s own devices has currently no nougat. In addition, it is also for Samsung so slowly at the time a tablet with a complete metal housing to bring out. The competition also creates it.


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