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Samsung Release 5 New Phone Models in 2017

London, May 17: Yes, it’s premature, almost ridiculously so, and it’d definitely be wise to wait and see how the Galaxy Note 6 (and its purported “Lite” derivation) come to pass before spreading unsubstantiated gossip about sequels to both it and the S7 that Samsung probably didn’t settle on just yet.

Well, we all know a Galaxy S8 (or two) and Note 7 (or two) will roll out at some point next year, but it’s quite the stretch to imagine their timelines and spec sheets are already worked out. It’s even less plausible that an obscure Chinese tipster somehow obtained intel on 2017 Samsung flagships, though if edge-to-edge iPhone 7s hearsay is acceptable, why wouldn’t something like this also deserve a quick media acknowledgment?

The same leakster wannabe that recently “divulged” pretty far-fetched Note 6 Lite information apparently believes there will be five main Galaxy-series high-enders released after this fall’s phablet.

These presumably include S8, S8 Edge, Note 7 and Note 7 Edge variants with “2.5K” display resolution, Super AMOLED and RGB technology, as well as a foldable “Galaxy X” capable of producing 4K video content on a PenTile Diamond matrix screen.

For the record, 2.5K is likely the same thing as 2K or Quad HD, i.e. 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, while 4K or UHD sees the ante upped to 3,840 x 2,160. The Galaxy X may or may not be the official market name of the long-rumored, long-in-development Project Valley phone, which is expected to seamlessly curl up in a 5-inch ball from its primary 7-inch form factor.

Still, nothing’s set in stone at the moment. Not even the specifications of the fast-approaching GNote 6.

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