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Top Mobile Apps for the Year 2016

“Here are our favourite apps for the year 2016”

Smartphones have become incredibly powerful over the years and consequently, we have become extremely reliant on these pocket computers to manage our tasks, consume media as well as get some work done on the go too. Regardless of the platform, be it iOS or Android, we need appropriate software to make the most out of these smartphones and with the year coming to an end, we decided to list some of the best apps and games which caught our eye and made the headlines this year. These are the best apps and games for the year 2016.


Prisma (Android / iOS)


Amassing more than fifty million users on both iOS and Android since its launch, the photo-editing app Prisma has had an incredibly successful year. Only a handful of apps have been able to amp up the audience as much as Prisma did. Users can create artsy pictures in as little as two steps by using the app. All the photos are edited/rendered on a cloud-based platform using AI. Hence, a smartphone’s hardware capabilities don’t really affect the final result. If you haven’t gotten around to trying the app yet, we highly recommend that you do and spruce up your mundane selfies with some fancy filters.

Dubsmash (Android / iOS)

Lip-syncing a live performance is considered a grave offence, unless you are using Dubsmash. The popular iOS and Android application was able to get 10 million users hooked onto it since its launch by offering them an enormous catalogue of dialogues, songs, video-clips and much more from popular movies, songs and TV shows. Thousands of Dubsmash videos were being shared on social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook with many Hollywood and Bollywood stars jumping in on the frenzy and sharing their clips too. If you haven’t gotten around to trying it, the app is a great way to kill some time.

SmartNews (Android / iOS)


If you are in the market for a newsreader/aggregator, you won’t find anything more minimal and intuitive than SmartNews. The app collects news from different channels and lays them in a tab-like format separating them on the basis of their categories. What sets SmartNews apart from other aggregators is that the app finds news based on real-time analysis of several web pages. The app also loads all the stories in the background making load times substantially quicker. If you consider yourself an avid reader, SmartNews will have you swiping through tabs in no time.

Apple Music (Android / iOS)


While Apple might not be able to convince millions of Android users to buy its iPhones, the company found a different way to profit from the massive user base by launching its music streaming service on Android a couple months back. Apple music is a great app for discovering new music as well as for listening to old classics, and comes preloaded on iPhones. The app is extremely minimal and comes with curated radio, playlists as well as recommendations and is free for the first three months after which, users can opt to the service by paying Rs 120 per month.

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