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Top Mobile Games for the Year 2016

“Here are our favorite games for the year 2016”


Clash Royale (Android / iOS)

Developed by the makers of popular strategy game Clash of Clans and winner of the best game for 2016, Clash Royale is a multiplayer game which involves two players battling each other in real-time using characters from the CoC series along with some new entrants. Players can collect cards to make a deck of eight characters which they then use to battle with other users online. Each battle involves bringing down opponents towers and lasts for a couple of minutes, with an additional minute for a tiebreaker. If you are a fan of strategy or PvP games, give Clash Royale a shot.

Alphabear (Android / iOS)

If you are bored of the word puzzle genre, Alphabear might be able to bring the fun back in constructing words from a set of letters. The premise of the game is simple – use the given set of letters to form a word which then clear spaces for bears to grow in. The end goal of the game is to score the most points which is calculated by the size of the bear and the number of words formed.

Pokémon GO (Android / iOS)

If you haven’t heard about the game that caused the entire planet to go out on walks, you surely must be living under a rock. For the uninitiated, Pokemon GO is a game which involves catching Pokemon in the real world by making use of AR and the player’s smartphone camera and GPS location. Pokemons pop up when a player is walking and exploring the streets and can then be captured and levelled up. These Pokemons can then be used to battle other players or trainers in Gyms. If you are a fan of Pokemon series, or just need to work out more, download the app from your respective app store.

FIFA Mobile (Android / iOS)

Fans of football can enjoy playing with their favourite clubs in FIFA Mobile. The game comes with over 30 leagues comprising of 650 real teams and over 17,000 players making it a great option for football fanatics. Users can also compete in live events and join leagues as well as manage their ultimate teams in FIFA Mobile.


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